Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Couples Photography Wedding Season 2011

Has been a while since i have posted to the blog, the season has been over for a few mnths and the holiday season has come into effect. Couples seeking engagement photography and wedding photographers is just around the corner, I am already booking into the 2011 and 2012 season. Its looking great and expecting a New Year with more abundance and a finer season in my personal life as there was some misfortune in the previous year. With choosing my own life partner.

This year will i truly believe you will see and experience Chris Van Atta photography on a whole new scale with the out of the box photos and organic creativity that clients have come to love.

Some upcoming personal adventures and goals will be riding 'Deals Gap" on my two vintage rz 350's motorcycles that were purchased before the holidays. This has been a dream long coming for me personally as I am able to capture my own spirit of life and what truly brings me joy.. Future ideas will be loooking to find two vintage VESPA mopeds also to add to the mix, so if you know if any please be sure to drop me a email..

Living in the mountains has really brought alot out of me,, I thank my really close friends and family and those who have helped me t see my vision and to really revauluate what sacrifices I have made in the past years and how this year will be honoring myself and letting my light shine through in personal recreation , that i may also bring this profound joy and adventure to you my client.

The wedding season will begin this year in Dominique Republic for a destination wedding to be cherished with old friends and old clients from years gone by.. I cannot be blessed enough to be blessed with such amazing people and clients that i call friends and family into my life. I will be there for 5 days, doing what we do best and bringing a team of photographers with me to acconplish the mission.

We have some Charletston wedding this year, Blowing Rock, Chimney Rock, Boone! Biltmore estate Asheville, Grove Park Inn, and some amazing beach weddings in the mix also..

Be on the lookout for fresh creative wedding photography here in Wilmington NC, and Asheville, Trash the dress will be the theme sessions this year for wedding video, and working with some very talented couture fashion wedding designers in the Asheville area.

Undewater photography will be a trademark of Chris Van Atta in 2011 also, All Indie brides are welcome. and Offbeat brides as well..

There has been some rumor of people asking about Love in the potential future for myself,? LOL,,, well lets just say, Yes i have met a wonderful woman, too early to tell, but truly the discovery has been unsuspected and greatly appreciated.

Peace, Love, and Adventure for the Year to come!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pet Photography, Photographer in Asheville North Carolina

A good studio for pet photography in Asheville NC can make sure that you can have a picture that will keep your pet's memory alive forever. This can make sure that you have good quality prints that will capture your friend.

Searching online is one of the easiest ways to find these is to look online. Many of them have their own websites and this gives you the chance to look at the photos that they have taken in the past to see how well they do their work. This gives you a good chance to see how well they capture the pet and what kind of quality they produce.

Call and ask them about their work and then listen carefully to the response. You want to find one that is just as passionate about animals as they are about photography. This is going to help you know that they will try to make the animal as comfortable as possible.

See what choices that you have for the location of the photos. They can be done in your home, at their studio or any other location of your choice, including outside. These give you a chance to get the photo of your friend the best way that can be possible and give the pet the best chance of being comfortable for better pictures.

You can choose to be in these picture, and ask if this is an option if you choose. Speak to the photographer and make sure that you are comfortable with them like your pets should be. This gives you the best end result, and gives you a good picture.

Pet Photography in Asheville NC can be a great way to give you a picture of your friend that you will cherish forever. The right photographer can make sure that you get the best possible pose and give you something that you will love.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Add Some Spice With An Asheville NC Boudoir Photographer

Everybody likes to spice up their lives now and then. Everybody likes to feel attractive, sexy, and desirable, too. A great way to do all of these things is to schedule an appointment with an Asheville NC Boudoir Photographer. This type of portraiture is a unique, once in a lifetime, gift to both the one portrayed and the one eyeing the portrait.

The French term, boudoir, means bedroom and this type of photograph can give new meaning to the term bedroom eyes. Lest you think this is lewd or unbecoming, know that this is a great art, subtle and sensual, and not at all raunchy or rude. It is always tasteful and uses costume and lighting, not nudity, to achieve the desired effect.

These photographs make superb gifts for that special someone in your life. They look great hung up in a bedroom or den, and cast a nice sexual glow on the one portrayed as well as the area it is shown in. This type of portrait is perfect for making a spouse long for home, and for keeping the home fires burning while they are away.

The artists who specialize in this type of photography are usually very well trained, highly ethical, and work with high standards of professionalism. They create works of art that are simply designed to show you in the most favorable light. These are not pornographers in any sense of the term whatsoever, and will always treat you with the utmost respect.

Training and expertise are functioning terms in this business. Take a good look around at the portfolios of as many artists as possible, and find one you can trust and work with. With the right photographer and the proper frame of mind you could be in for one of the times of your life! Go with friends or family and make a big deal out of it. Have fun!

Having a great time is what this thing is all about. You'll have fun getting pampered, made up, and dressed up for the session, and your significant other will surely have fun when you show off your new look! This is a terrific way to add some titillation and expectancy to a relationship.

If you might like some more romance in your love life, this could be the spice you are looking for. Look up an Asheville NC Boudoir Photographer today, and add some spark to your relationship. Have fun exploring a sexier side of yourself, and please the eyes of that special someone, if you dare.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Photographer moving to Asheville

Will be moving to Asheville NC here t the end of the month. I will miss this port city i am sure, But its not a total all or nothing situation, I will still be serving the Wilmington Clients and destination brides. We will just be casting a wider net and serving the mountain bride.

So if you are ever in Asheville or need a photographer in Asheville, Please look us up. Chris

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Caribbean Trash the Dress photoshoot

The past few weeks have been truly busy with travel and editing images from all the offbeat brides that have contacted me this year. One particular photoshoot this year is the highlighted Caribbean trash the dress photoshoot that was truly spectacular.

The lovely Alexa P was truly knocking it out of the park as the newest associate with Chris Van Atta photo. We are still working on the images to be edited and for public view, we do have some video footage also that i hope to be sharing very soon also.

New changes this year as we are expanding our nets and opening our doors to be a service to the Asheville Bride and the Charlotte Bride too. We feel that we have created a great duo and would love to be part of these destination wedding locations.

Thanks again for stopping by and we trust that you will enjoy the Caribbean photoshoot once we have it posted. Chris

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wilmington Wedding | Airlie Gardens | Photography

Will be sharing some Airlie Gardens wedding photography here in a few days when i have the images edited. Not all venues can offer such amazing backdrops for amazing outdoor photos such as Airlie Gardens. When thinking if a Wilmington Wedding, you might be interested in hiring a local photographer that knows his way around the venue of your choice.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Family Beach Portraits:: Wilmington NC::Photographer

Being able to have your picture taken is always a positive, but when you consider that when your on vacation that your going to be taking pictures all the time it is going to be even better. The downside is that you can have problems getting yourself into the pictures as well. However, if you are at the beach you will want to realize the positives of having family beach portraits taken by a professional.

You will want to remember that having these done could cost you some money that you might not want to spend. However, since they are being done by a professional you will realize that the quality that you are going to be getting is going to be at a high level.

The first positive of having one of these done is you are going to be able to be in a picture from vacation for a change. You can probably look back over your photo albums of your vacation and see that you are missing in quite a few of the pictures. By having these done though you will be in one for a change.

The second positive is that you can get a professional grade picture done at one of the nicer spots. By having these done on the beach you will be able to be in a nice area that you are going to like being at. Instead of being in a studio you will be out in the fresh air having this done which can make it that much more of an enjoyable experience.

The third positive is that you are going to be able to relax while getting the picture done. This might not seem like it will be that important, but if you consider when you go to a studio your going to be dressed up and stressing that everything looks perfect at a beach you will not have that stress.

The fourth positive is you will typically get the picture at the same time depending on if it is a photograph portrait or a painting. Now depending on the type that you are getting you might notice that you could get your picture right away or later on in the day after developing the item.

The fifth positive is you might be able to get a larger size to hang on your wall. Having a larger size to hang on your wall will be nice because then you are going to be able to recall the fun that you had on that trip at any point that you see the picture.

While you might be on vacation and enjoying yourself you need to realize that by you taking the pictures all the time you might not be in any of them. However, by having your own family beach portraits done you can realize that you are going to be in the picture as well. Then you can even recall just how enjoyable of a time it was for all of your family members.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wrightsville Beach-Photography-Portraits

Yesterday was able to meet with John & Devin for the wedding day engagement session. The weather was idea for beach photography as the clouds were a bit overcast and the wind was blowing offshore to create a stunning softened backdrop for photographs on the beach.

We started at Wrightsville Beach near the Oceanic Pier, and from there headed to a couple garden locations around town. The weather was working in our favor as the day went on. For those who dnt know Wilmington is a destination wedding mecca. We attract brides from all over the globe and have some of the finest enchanting wedding venues the port city has to offer.

Among the great locations and the enchanting history we have amazing, spectacular, wedding photographers. Some of the best i know of. You will be sure to find your wedding day style here in the Port City of North Carolina.

I am attaching a few photographs from the days event. Hope you enjoy.. Chris Van Atta Photography.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Offbeat Photography for Weddings


Living in Wilmington for sometime now has had its perks. I have been drawn to this port city after my father retired from the service back when i was in high school. It has had its charm and i could say that my photography career started here back in the late 90's.

I used to frequent visit the old cape fear camera store with my girlfriend at the time and i would just drool over the camera's that the store carried at the time. No this was not the digital age yet.. But i did have a old trusty olympus om-1 camera that my father had given me.

Never having a chance to experience a professional camera store through my word travels as a military dependent i had finally found my oyster. Wilmington NC soon became my destination of choice whenever there was a photography need. I would take rolls and rolls of film in the neighboring farmlands and historic store fronts. I soon developed a taste for B&W photography and would enjoy shooting my family and friends in old abandoned houses. I guess you could say, i started to cut my teeth as a trash the dress or offbeat wedding photographer way before it became cliche.

My dreams as a professional photographer seemed far off. I used to just pretend i was famous. I must say i was going broke with all the film i had taken and well like only three photos would be good. I had no teacher's i was self taught at the time.

Years past, It was me and my trusty olympus om-1. which later came to the om-4 titanium.. this was a 400.oo dollar camera at the time, and to me that might as well been thousands. i saved my money and my craft grew.

A few more years past from my early days in Wilmington NC. I moved to the big city of Orlando florida. The big city.. lol... ya right, but it was a magical place to me. so much to offer and the friendships and mentorships i had there would shape my life for years to come.

I found a school of the arts there, it was a small private college that offered a photography course for black and white photographers. I found my dream, I signed u right away and well learned the darkroom very fast. I would stay for hours in there, they had to turn the lights off to get me to leave.. I found my passion, it was in me all along, finally my love.

The first few rolls of film after learning composition truly stunned my instructor. It was of my daughter samantha. To think of it, offbeat photography would have described it perfectly. but that word was not as trendy as it is now.

So fast foward, & years later, back in Wilmington NC. I had alot happen from having my work posted on the sets on One Tree Hill, to the walls of my many follwers. I started to know i had a gift. That gift was being birthed from within and i was lovin it.

I am now a destination wedding photographer mentored by some of the finest wedding photographers in the industry. Life was enjoyed as a published surf photographer for many a covers on magazine's gracing the shelves of popular bookstores. Worked alongside great artist's and other budding photographers in the surf culture.

Those days in the surf industry have allowed me to make many many misatkes with my lighting and style. I have learned to push the envelope and have been able to study natural light and how it affects mood and atmospher's . I not only was evolving in my craft technically but also inner personally. I was seeing life. Color. & Spirit. What a blessing, life is good.

So here i am today. Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer with a unique style and blend. people have asked me how i do it. I cannot explain. Not to be cocky but i feel it is my destiny. I was created by a creator to be creative and to share this with those around me. I enjoy wedding photography in Wilmington. I enjoy family portraits on the beach anywhere the sunsets.

I love people. and trust that those who love life and desire something different in a photographer that somehow destiny will find them too. By some divine plan we will cross paths and i will be able to be your professional choice as a portrait or wedding photographer for your Wilmington wedding.

Chris Van Atta Photography

Capturing the Spirit of Life.

Bald Head Island Wedding Venue

Baldhead Island, is located in North Carolina. With a minute population is has three picturesque beaches to enjoy swimming and sunbathing. It is overflowing with native times past,it was domestic to numerous pirates such as Blackbeard. In 1817, Thomas Jefferson signed documents to assign a lighthouse known as Old Baldy. Being single of three lighthouse in the vicinity its the only one static position. It is the oldest lighthouse in North Carolina furthermore is no longer in operate. Having your marriage ceremony at the foot of the lighthouse on Baldhead Island be able to live a exceptionally romantic experience if you have found this hush-hush destination island to run away too.The island itself is distinctive in that it can only be reached via ship and no cars are allowed on the isle. It is perfect for a wedding and honeymoon as it allows a pair to actually get to know each other in a extraordinarily quixotic setting. The beauty of the surrounding area as well as viewing the sun rising and setting over the water (a rare sight elsewhere) makes the occasion one that will remain precious by the couple for the rest of their lives.Many people wish to be married at the Old Baldy Lighthouse. A good-looking chapel, designed for this function, is positioned right alongside. Present at the chapel you will come across everything you need to accomodate your distinctive occasion. Along with an vaulted roof and attractive windows, there are relaxed pews to accommodate several number of people.Numerous times a couple, scheduling a wedding experience a lot of tension, trying to be certain everything will be a day they be able to remember. Finding a helping hand in the matter is always a salutation relief especially if it comes from someone familiar with what is and what isn't accessible. Fortunately, this assistance is available on Baldhead Island.The island has specially planned for weddings, has an outstanding Event Planning Personnel as well as an skilled cuisine service. Whether the couple decides to include a beach wedding in the outline of the lighthouse or have one in its chapel, it will be a wonderful event for every one concerned.
All the bride has to do is make the couple's needs known and she will without delay receive information concerning what is accessible in order to experience the most vital day of her life. This goes a long way in relieving the anxiety of going from one place to a new trying to find the right setting and an important person to help with the plans.
There are a huge amount of activities to be had in the community for the honeymooning duo. The ideal subtropical climate allows pleasurable sessions sunbathing on the seashore and enjoying a swim in the sea. Wedding and honeymooning couples are prearranged temporary membership in a community organization and can enjoy all the amenities it offers.
A lighthouse wedding on Baldhead Island is an experience to facilitate will be fun, romantic and last a life span. Many couples who have been married here have returned on vacations to, once again, take pleasure in this charming and remarkable location. With a minor population, one right away has the feeling of comradely where each person in town is committed to see that the experience is joyous and blissful for all concerned

Offbeat Bridal Portraits|Asheville NC Photography

Had a little road trip this past weekend to Asheville NC. Asheville has always had a special place in my heart. I have shared this secret haven with those closest to me. Photography is what i have come to love. And now that spring is near i can feel the creativity stirring up inside of me. So this is my first offbeat bride, photoshoot of the year. And is these images were taken in Asheville NC near the Blue Ridge Parkway. If you are a bride, a model. a student,or just a lover of the arts and desire to have a professional photographer to work with you,please don't hesitate to call and check out my website. Just look to the right of my blog page for a link to Chris Van Atta photography.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wedding Packages

Wedding Packages have arrived for the New Year. Brides please use the contact form in my website to customize your wedding day. Seeking brides and grooms who desire something creative,unique,stylish,offbeat,sprited & of course all the eco-friendly,go green brides.

Chris Van Atta Photography specializes in
Beach Weddings
B&W Weddings
Bridal Portraits
Engagement Sessions
Family Beach Portraits


Bald Head Island
Wrightsville Beach
Holden Beach
Figure Eight Island Weddings
Destination Weddings
Soutport NC
Myrtle Beach SC
and Beyond

Come see what brides have come to love.

Venues if Choice
The Balcony Downtown Historic Wilmington


Life Stage Video

Husband and wife team with a Cinematic Stlye. That gives James Cameron a run for production.. You will love them!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Raleigh Portrait

Raleigh portrait photographer for the wedding day bride is where i would like to expand my services this year. If you are a Triangle Bride,Offbeat Bride, or lets say shucks even a groom seeking a B&W photographer or a style that is more personal that will fit your amazing personality. Please Give me a call. Or leave a comment. Chris Van Atta.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Family Photography in NC

Has been quit awhile since i have found the time to come here and post some images. Nevertheless. I have been creating images during the past few weeks while the season has slowed down and the holidays have arrived.

I an sharing some family phoography, also a few straggling wedding photographer images that i created in the fine state of North Carolina.

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Hanover:: Wilmington NC

Well Life has taken some turns,Has been sometime since i have just been able to go out and to do what i use to do.Just enjoy working with new lighting techniques and to just enjoy the company i am with and create some amazing images.

Been working the New Hanover Wilmington NC areas now for sometime. I have truly enjoyed discovering all the places that new hanover village has had to offer.. There is even this great location near the old part of town that well i would say the name but then im afraid if i do it will not be special anymore because all the other local photographers will be there working it out.. I mean honestly at times it can be a task to find new fresh creative places to shoot. From old buildings to colorful walls or with amazing fields of flowers or a farmers crop.All i can say is that one location is near the New Hanover county NC sheriff office.

Look forward to speaking with you soon,, Until then check out other destination wedding photography and creative North Carolina Photographers in or wonderful state.

Wilmington NC Wedding Photographers

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Figure Eight Island NC Photographer

Welcome to Chris Van Atta Photography, Servicing the Carolina Coast with Amazing,Creative,& Unique wedding Photography. Come see what brides have come to love.

NC Wedding Photographers

Friday, October 2, 2009

North Carolina Photographers

Alrighty just a few more images to show from some again amazing weddings.Love you all Chris

charleston photography

Wow has been awhile since i have found the time or even the words to write on the blog, The season is in full swing and i have been busy busy busy.But i wanted to take some time and post a few photos from some recent shoots i have done in the Carolinas,both north and south carolina. I had a chance to make it over to Charleston SC to see how the wedding scene was going there. It was full throttle! I truly enjoy the old historic streets there in downtown historic district. Brides have been truly inspired by the old vintage days of the booming 1920's. Having your wedding in either Wilmington NC or Charleston SC it would be hard not to have captured something special.
If you are a bride seeking a photographer who is hip, trendy, and truly walking into his destiny as a photographer of celebration and life.. then look no further Chris Van Atta photogrphy could possibly be whi you have been seeking to share your wedding day with. Come see what brides have come to love.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NC Beach photography






Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fort Fisher NC Wedding

Hello, Mrs. Chris Van Atta here. Yesterday was our one month anniversary, and may I say that the scenery of my life's journey has never been so liberating. In the matter of one month I have jumped from the profession of, training special ed teachers in California, into destination wedding photography.
It's not everyday that a woman is able to quit her nine to five in order pursue one of her hearts unspoken dreams. What a delight it is to marry a man who has paved the way from his own sweat and blood, into a simply beautiful life.
I am so honored to have married such a talented and passionate man.
One of my most favorite shoots this week was with Samantha and her husband Kevin. I can't wait to hear their response on them. I told Chris last night that this particular shoot is every girls dream. This next series of photos contain vibrance, elegance, mystery, and sheer silliness all in one package... hope you enjoy =)

Thanks Samantha and Kevin you were a joy to work with!

Faith Van Atta

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer | Chris Van Atta

Chris Van Atta Photography. This is an old school image that was created a few years back wehn i was just kicking around the idea of becoming a wedding photographer. I always liked the color and contrast in this photo.Reminder This is an old school image. The website posted on the image is not valid. For more wonderful imagery please check out.

Reminder whenever you are thinking of having a Wilmington NC photographers to document your wedding day,think of Chris Van Atta,photography.

Wilmington NC Photographers
. Chris Van Atta

Bald Head Island NC Wedding Photography

Created this stunning image on Bald Head Island NC during a spectacular wedding. Chris Van Atta Photography.